Why Should You Use an Agriculture Liner?

Agriculture Liner Fabrication

When it comes to storage of materials such a fertilizer, utilizing an agricultural liner in your containment system can extend the life of the system itself, but also ensure the safety and health of your employees – it can even reduce contamination into the environment. Our flexible poly vinyl chloride (PVC) membrane lining systems are custom built in-house by Fab-Seal Industrial Liners and installed by our trained experts to ensure maximum effectiveness. Applications for these liners aren’t just limited to the Agriculture business; we also fabricate liners to use in

  • Water tanks
  • Plating and Metal Finishing Liners
  • Environmental Liners
  • …And more

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Agriculture Liner

Water Tank Liner Applications

If you aren’t looking for an agriculture liner but have water tanks on your premises, Fab Seal also manufacturers custom made liners for that application. Our liners are built to last and resistant to damage from most corrosive and inorganic fluids, giving these liners a long shelf life. We also offer installation of leak detection monitors which can be opened on a scheduled basis to help you monitor the integrity of the tank liner. Whether your system is a tank for drinking water, a clear well, or waste water tank, we have you covered.

Custom Fitted Plating and Metal Finishing Liners

If you are in the business of storing metal cleaning and treatment solutions or other corrosive materials, you could use a custom liner to help prevent damage to the system. Typically, containment systems storing these kinds of fluids end up leaking after minor corrosion, and a PVC membrane liner system installed directly in the tank can help prevent structural damage. These liners will not last as long and require routine inspection and upkeep, but a liner is much cheaper than a tank – Fab Seal can replace those liners quick and efficiently so you experience next to no downtime or repair costs. If you have a larger plating and metal finishing tank with an array of fixtures and attachments, we have OSHA compliant trained technicians available to install the liner for you. No job is too big or too small.

Environmental Liners – From Ponds To Lagoons

Fab-Seal is proud to be able to say that our liners have been utilized in Wetland restoration projects in the United States. These types of liners are fish safe and have geotextile padding to prevent damage from rocks, roots, and other items that may accumulate in ponds or lagoons. Whether you are putting in a backyard pond or operate a commercial fish farm, the liners built by Fab-Seal are ready for installation to act as either your primary or secondary containment system.

Whether you are looking for a custom agriculture liner, a water tank liner, or more, call Fab-Seal today at (800) 874-0166 to discuss your business and what we can do for you. You can also fill out the form on this page and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. We are ready to tackle any challenges you give us, and we guarantee you won’t regret choosing Fab-Seal.

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