Liner Repairs

Repair of Lining System

  • Clean sizable area around spot to be patched using alcohol or acetone. (Can be found at your local hardware store.) Alcohol may be used, particularly if humidity it high.
  • Cut a circular patch somewhat larger that the hole to be repaired. If you use a square patch, make sure you round the corners about a half inch.
  • Wipe both patch and area to be patched thoroughly with rag dampened with acetone or alcohol.
  • Lay the patch on the cleaned, marked area. Place the roller on an edge of the patch, centered, patch edge up and over the roller and hold with your thumb or finger.
  • Direct the hot air flow from the sealer at the “vee” point created by the rolled-up patch and the unit. Heat this area for three (3) to five (5) seconds. Move the nozzle back. Roll the roller forward.
  • Applying pressure, and back over the area that was heated until both surfaces are sealed together.
  • “black cover coat”. This is a “liquefied” PVC. After the adhesive has dried, apply the cover coat over the entire patch. A couple of coats would be best. Allow to set up for a couple of hours. “Activate” with Hot Air Welder.
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