Floor Coverings and Chemical Industry

Never a breach in integrity

Fab-Seal floor coverings are pre-fabricated in our factory into one piece units or sections of units to be installed on location using field seaming techniques. Our floor coverings are attached mechanically around the perimeter using batten strips and anchors. This procedure prevents 75% of the normal preparation time needed for applied coatings and has no harmful chemicals. Unlike applied coatings our mechanically held floor coverings are independent of the surface. This means that cracking or movement will not breach the integrity of the flexible liner. Please feel free to call for additional information. Our technical advisors will gladly answer any questions you may have and can also give you a quotation on materials and installation costs.

Industrial Liners for the Oil and Chemical Industry

Fab-Seal is a custom manufacturer and fabricator of flexible membrane liners for internal and external containment. Fab-Seal offers custom fabrication, quick service and superior dependability. With 25 years of experience and compatibility studies, we can recommend a formulation and thickness to best suit your needs.

Containable oils and chemical include: Crude Oils, Fuels, Saltwater, Hydrocarbon Waste, Chemicals

Leak detection monitors are valves installed into the tank wall just above the floor that can be opened on a scheduled basis to monitor the liner integrity. Fab-Seal’s internal liners are mechanically held and become the primary containment with the tank becoming the secondary containment, with leak detection monitors for insured protection.

Secondary Containment

Increasing environmental concerns are requiring secondary containment protection for every conceivable type of tank and containment vessel imaginable, and for your added protection Fab-Seal offers a unique leak monitoring system that will detect a leak and cut down the costly clean up of a spill.

Secondary containment methods include: Oil Platforms and Tanks, Concrete Vaults, Concrete Sumps, Storage Tanks, Concrete Sumps, Earthen Pits and Ponds, Floor Coverings, Waste Water Treatment, Horizontal and Vertical Tanks

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Outdoor secondary liner
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