Plating & Metal Finishing Tank Liners

Economical and custom fitted

Fab-Seal offers drop-in liners for the plating and metal finishing industry that are test proven to be the most economical way to contain these harsh chemicals. Fab-Seal drop-in plating and metal finishing industry liners are fabricated in our factory as a one piece unit that can be quickly installed by the customer with very little preparation. Plating and metal finishing industry liners are equipped with grommets around the outside of the lip for a rope that is tightened to hold it in place, or stainless clips that attach to the lip of the tank.

The plating and metal finishing industry liners with weirs, sumps, steps, sloped floors, saddlebags are not obstacles to prevent the proper lining of a tank for you. For larger plating and metal finishing tanks with more complicated fixtures and attachments, we offer installation by our OSHA Compliant trained technicians. Our crews are Confine Space Entry trained annually to stay up-to-date with the latest in safety procedures.

Applications and Accessories

Drop-in plating and metal finishing liners provide a quick, cost effective solution for leaking steel and concrete tanks that are used for containment of anodizing, chrome plating, galvanizing, and other metal cleaning and treatment solutions. Structurally supported by tank walls, flexible, non-metallic, heavy duty Fab-Seal liners are a proven remedy for leaking tanks and secondary containment areas. Materials are available in thicknesses from 40 mil to 1875 mils. We also have materials to contain fluids up to 170 degrees F. A Chemical Resistance Chart is available upon request.

Fab-Seal can fabricate your liner with the flanged outlet in the sidewall or install the spool boot in the field in the same manner as the picture to the right. No job is too LARGE or too SMALL!

Typical Applications Accessories Available
Plating Tanks Overflow Weirs
Rinse Tanks Skirts
Etching Tanks Stainless Steel Clips
Storage Tanks Sumps
Concrete Sumps Double Bottoms
Earthen Pits and Ponds Leak Detectors
Floor Areas Patch Kits
Concrete Trenches Rigid PVC
Waste Water Treatment Batten Strips (plastic)
Horizontal Tanks Overflow Weirs
Concrete Vaults Skirts
Inner Saddlebag
Drop in Liner with Grommets
Boots installed on site with heat welding & adhesive.
Hard chrome tank, ready for drop-in liner.
Interested in a custom liner?

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