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PVC lining systems for over 30 Years.

We offer a wide range of services to solve your most diverse needs with a custom fitted solution.

Water Tank Liners
Water Tank Liners
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Plating & Metal Finish
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Floor Coverings
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Environmental Liners
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Fertilizer Tank Liners
The features of a superior product:

Flexible PVC Liners are the Solution

The strongest materials utilized for a longer lifespan
Resistant to a wide range of corrosive chemicals and alkalis.

Custom designed liners and installation
From steel tanks to underground water vaults, our liners can handle it all.

Flexible PVC materials will form to any space
Allows for a three hundred percent elongation factor to the membrane linings.

Eco-friendly materials and processes
Cost effective and compatible for most inorganic and organic substances.

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In House membrane lining materials for

Custom Design, Fabrication, and Installation.

Fab-Seal custom fabricates one piece liners in our factory, using the art of radio frequency sealing technology. The one piece liner saves most of the “down time” experienced with applied coatings and on-site fabrication.

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The only liner company with seals and welds


Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

From Canada to Antarctica, we install PVC liners across the globe.

Designed and Fabricated in the USA.

Association Compliance

Our materials, seals, and installation processes are all compliant with the following associations:

We work with you for the best experience.

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