Why Fab-Seal?

Why Fab-Seal?

  • Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc. is a manufacturer, fabricator, and installer of flexible PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) membrane lining systems for steel tanks, fiberglass tanks, wood tanks, concrete tanks, concrete cisterns, clear well liners, underground water vaults, pond liners, pit liners, lagoon liners, waste transport container linings and much more.
  • Fab-Seal offers 30 years of expert design, fabrication and installation world wide.
  • Fab-Seal has a blend and thickness of PVC membrane for most containment applications.
  • Fab-Seal’s blends of flexible PVC membranes have excellent resistance to inorganic and alkalis, as well as a wide range of other corrosive chemicals.
  • Fab-Seal custom fabricates one piece liners in our factory, using the art of radio frequency sealing technology. The one piece liner saves most of the “down time” experienced with applied coatings and on-site fabrication.
  • Fab-Seal’s drinking (potable) water tank liner systems are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation under their “Standard 61”. This certification is for the finished liner system attached to the rigid vessel that supports it. For more information, look at our NSF listing at www.nsf.org.
  • Fab-Seal will design, fabricate and instruct the customer on installation procedures and techniques, or offer a complete installation by our Confined Space trained installation crews using our OSHA approved equipment.
  • Fab-Seal’s internally fitted, mechanically held, flexible membrane liner systems have saved our customers down time, cost of preparation for installation, and the cost of premature failure of applied coatings.
  • Fab-Seal offers turnkey liners installed by an experienced and factory trained crew.

NO Vessel is too LARGE or too SMALL!

Fab-Seal offers 30 years of expert design, fabrication and installation world wide.

In today’s world of global pollution Fab-Seal strives to produce flexible PVC membrane tank lining systems that have extreme compatibility to most inorganic and corrosive fluids, with a very cost effective approach to installation. Even most of our large metal tank and concrete tank liner systems can be installed in 7 days or less!


Contact Information

Email: info@fabseal.com

Phone #: 800-874-0166

Fax #: 888-323-1223

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