Tank Lining

Tank Lining

Tank Lining

The industrial tank lining professionals at Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc., have been making and installing flexible Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) tank lining for over three decades.

Our industry experts will design, manufacture, fabricate and install tank lining for a wide range of industrial uses, including tanks, cisterns, water, chemical and waste transport liners.

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Tank Lining Provides Resistance to Corrosive Chemicals

Fab-Seal offers tank lining with a PVC membrane blend and thickness that will be suitable for most industrial containment uses and applications. Our blends of flexible tank lining are resistant to a large variety of inorganic, alkalis and corrosive chemicals.

Tank lining from Fab-Seal are custom one-piece liners fabricated in our factory, using the most modern radio frequency sealing technology. Our tank lining saves down time usually associated with on-site fabrication and applied coatings.

Fab-Seal offers a reasonably priced option for industrial tank lining installation applications that are compatible to most inorganic and corrosive materials. And our trained and experienced engineers, technicians and mechanics can professionally install even most of Fab-Seal’s larger metal and concrete tank lining in a week or less.

Save Time, Money with Fab-Seal Tank Lining

The talented team of industry professionals at Fab-Seal will instruct you on PVC tank lining installation procedures and techniques, or we can offer complete tank lining installation by trained installation crews using our OSHA-approved equipment.

No vessel or job is too large or small for the trusted and reliable team at Fab-Seal.

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