Secondary Containment Liner

Secondary Containment Liner

Secondary Containment Liner

A backup plan is always a good thing to have. A secondary containment liner can be another piece of structured equipment that withstands spills and leaks from occurring after the primary container may have overfilled or failed. Just as your tank needs a primary containment liner, your tank needs a secondary containment liner to avoid spills and keep your contents safe. The liners created by Fab-Seal follow the same installation and safety as the initial containment solution and are designed to perfectly fit your tank.

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Added Liner Protection

When the primary containment fails, the secondary containment liner works to contain the spillage. The liners that we create tend to be more flexible and is commonly used for particular liquids such as gas or hazardous chemicals. These liners are made of crack, impact, and corrosion-resistant materials. This directly keeps you safe from the hazards that a spill or failure can cause. Our experts can provide you with a solution that fits the exact shape and size of your needs. We have served businesses in a wide variety of industries and can create containment solutions for any need, no matter how big or small.

Secondary Containment Liner Compliance

A secondary containment liner created by Fab-Seal, much like your primary containment line, is designed to meet all necessary standards and regulations. Our secondary liners are tested and can be trusted as the backup plan for any potential liner failure. We strive to go above and beyond the compliance standards in order to keep the environment safe and as well as your tank’s health. Fab Seal experts are more than happy to help you design and install the perfect liner solution based on your needs. Call us today for more information at 800-874-0166 or simply complete the form on this page to find out more.

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