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Fab-Seal uses a variety of hi tech materials to service the plating, water, waste water, chemical, and petroleum industries.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the backbone of our industry. Polyvinyl chloride has excellent resistance to acids and alkalis, as well as a wide range of corrosive chemicals. The combination of chemical resistance and good physical properties has led to usage in numerous industrial applications such as plating baths, coatings for tanks and pipes, protective clothing, aprons, tarpaulins, splash guards, drum linings and many others.

Water resistance and low water absorption permit use for sewer pipe and coatings for ocean going ships. Resistance to attack from oxygen and ozone is very good. PVC and PVC liners are also resistant to oils, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons and household detergents. Our high temperature PVC is used to contain fluids with a sustained temperature up to 170 degrees F., dependent on the fluids to be contained. Chemical Resistance charts are available upon request.

Following is a list of many different materials Fab-Seal uses to fabricate customized liners for the containment of hazardous and non hazardous chemicals and waste.

Materials, Colors, and Use Information

30 mil and 40 mil PVC Black Pits, Storage Tanks, Oil Field, Saltwater, Water Tanks, Ponds
60 mil PVC Black or Gray Pits, Storage Tanks, Oil Field, Saltwater, Water Tanks, Ponds
NSF/ANSI Aqua Pure:
40 mil, 60 mil, 93 mil, 125 mil and 1875 mil
White Potable Water, or where white appearance is needed.
30 mil, 40 mil, 60 mil, 93 mil and 125 mil Vinylester PVC Black Floor Coverings, Plating, Galvanizing, Hydrocarbons, and Agriculture
60 mil, 93 mil, 125 mil, 1875 mil PVC Gray Plating and Galvanizing, Floor Coverings—Mining Industry
60 mi, 93 mil, 125 mil, 1875 mil High Temp PVC Clear Chromic Acids, Sulfuric Acids, Nitric Acids (to 170 F.)

Fab-Seal offers 30 years of expert design, fabrication and installation world wide.

Fab-Seal industrial Liners is a manufacturer, fabricator, and installer of flexible PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) membrane lining systems for steel tanks, fiberglass tanks, wood tanks, concrete tanks, concrete cisterns, clear well liners, underground water vaults, pond liners, pit liners, lagoon liners, waste transport container linings and much more.


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