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Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc. offers high-quality lagoon liners that can help you prevent leaks, erosion, and contamination in your containment ponds, wastewater treatment systems, agricultural lagoons, decorative ponds, and other water containment structures. By using a durable and flexible liner, you can extend the lifespan of your lagoon, improve its performance, and reduce the risks of pollution and regulatory fines.

To have your liner checked and potentially replaced, please contact us at (800) 874-0166. Additionally, our online form is available for you to request a price quote or any additional information free of charge.


What is a Lagoon Liner?

A lagoon liner is a flexible geomembrane or barrier that is installed on top of the soil or subgrade of a lagoon or pond to create a watertight seal. Lagoon can be made of various materials such as PVC, LLDPE, EPDM, or polypropylene, depending on the chemical resistance, UV stability, temperature tolerance, and other factors required for the specific application. Liners can be custom fabricated to fit any size or shape of lagoon, and can be welded or seamed together to create a seamless barrier. 

Using a liner has several benefits for lagoon owners and operators. A liner can prevent seepage or leakage of liquids and gases into or out of the lagoon. This can help you comply with environmental regulations, avoid groundwater contamination, and protect aquatic habitats and downstream water bodies. A liner can reduce erosion, cracking, and slumping of the soil or concrete walls of the lagoon, which can occur due to the exposure to weather, chemicals, or heavy equipment.

Efficiency Liner  

A liner can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the lagoon by reducing the retention time, improving the mixing, and minimizing the odors and algae growth. A liner can save you money and time by reducing the maintenance and repair costs of the lagoon, as well as the downtime and the risks of shutdowns and spills.

If you require an inspection of your liner or any necessary updates, kindly contact us at (800) 874-0166. We offer a user-friendly online form for requesting a free price quote or additional information.


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