Drinking Water Liners

Drinking Water Liners

Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc., has manufactured, fabricated and installed flexible PVC membrane lining systems worldwide for over 30 years.

The potable drinking water liners and repair systems at Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc., allow for quick service with minimal downtime. Our drinking water liners are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for the finished liner system attached to the rigid vessel which supports it.

Certified Drinking Water Liners for Potable Water Storage

Standard pool liner vinyls heavily laden with anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal agents are not suitable in drinking water liners for prolonged contact with humans or animals. Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc., uses the highest quality potable vinyl for the manufacturing of its drinking water liners in a wide variety of potable water storage applications.

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Let Fab-Seal Design, Fabricate, Install Your Drinking Water Liners

Drinking Water Liners

The industry experts at Fab-Seal custom fabricate one-piece liners in our factory, using the art of radio frequency sealing technology. The one-piece drinking water liners save most of the down time experienced with applied coatings and on-site fabrication.

Fab-Seal will design, fabricate and instruct you on installation procedures and techniques, or offer a complete installation by our Confined Space trained installation crews using OSHA-approved equipment.

At Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc., no vessel is too large or too small. Our internally fitted, mechanically held, flexible membrane drinking water liners saves you down time, preparation costs for installation, and the cost of premature failure of applied coatings.

In today’s world of global pollution Fab-Seal strives to produce drinking water liners that have extreme compatibility to most inorganic and corrosive fluids, with a cost-effective approach to installation, and most of our drinking water liners can be installed in seven days or less.

Call 800-874-0166 now for a no obligation consultation with one of our knowledgeable representatives to learn how Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc.’s, 30 years of industry experience can professionally design and fabricate drinking water liners to fit your needs and requirements.

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